Oorlogskloof Trail Adventure Run – 30 April 2022

Pre enter on Entryninja

Limited pre entries only. The runners who entered for the 2020 event [cancelled 4 weeks before Covid] will have first option and they have been given time [9 February] to decide if they will/can run or not. After that, we will open entries for others. The limit for this event is 120 runners. The Reserve can sleep 100pax in total – including “non” runners.

ENTRIES CLOSE:  24 April 2020 or once we’ve reached the 120 entry limit – whichever happens first. You will be able to enter on Entryninja from Wednesday 9 February 2022.


  • 15km  – Senior,  Vet, Masters  – Male / female categories
  • 33km  –  Senior,  Vet, Masters  – Male / female categories



Deep gorges, cliffs, cracks under the mountain, plateaus covered in stands of Cape Sugar bush and large Waboom trees, massive rock pillars, caverns, rock arches, Hyracidium [Crystallised Dassie – Rock Hyrax – urine] as old as 400 000 years, ancient rock art, moon-crater like sandstone rock slabs etc. A Magnificent Wilderness

The run routes follows a combination of hiking trails. Names like Draaikraal, Granaatdraai, Donkiestasie, Arrie se Punt, Pramkoppie and numerous others marks areas of significance including ancient burial sites on route. There are plenty natural rock shelters along the route. Cell phone reception is sketchy.

A rare sighting is that of the Red Rock Rabbit up on the plateau. Two herds of Cape Mountain Zebra prevail, especially in the Pramkoppie and Brakwater areas.
The area is described and listed as “pristine” and runners will – in every sense – experience a unique adventure! 

CATERING FOR NON RUNNERS – You can select the correct option as an option on the entry system.

We can cater for non-runners – cost below:

R900.00 pp incl reserve permits, 2 nights camping and catering:

  • Saturday morning coffee/tea, rusks/cereal/oats,
  • Saturday lunch [2x] free range boerewors rolls with “smoor” or other fillings.
  • Saturday dinner Karoo lamb potjie.
  • Sunday farm style breakfast.


  • if you have your own place to stay/accommodation outside of the reserve

R650.00 pp incl permits plus catering – as above

Your fears: If you suffer from vertigo/fear of heights and\or claustrophobia/fear of narrow spaces, then this this run is not for you.  

Route marking:

  • The route is marked with orange tags only at intersections/t junctions/trail splits. This is never a guarantee that these markers are visible and factors out of our control could affect the visibility of these – animal tampering, high winds, rain and dense fog.
  • With that in mind you have 3 additional “self-help/navigation” options:
  • Option 1: Make sure you have a GPS device which you are “familiar” with/knows how to operate – we will send you the .GPX file [Gps route file] which you can load to your gps. PLEASE make sure you actually “know” how to use your GPS and that you have fresh/spare batteries for it. This way you are guaranteed not to stray off the route…
  • Option 2 – Download the cellular phone app “Alltrails” and sign up for the “Pro” option which is around R450.00 per year. With this app you can download the route/track and follow it “offline” – i.e. your cell do no need to have reception and you can also put your phone on “Aeroplane mode”. It is a very useful app, totally affordable and you can create your own trail adventures [on your pc] “before” you go out to explore at other times. It also has different “layers” such as a google earth back ground to the trail or a “google map” look.
  • We will share the route link with you for you to download and use.
  • Please make sure you are familiar with how your choice option works “well before” you arrive for the run.
  • Option 3 –  Run with a friend\partner whom has one of these methods of self-navigation and that you are committed either way to stay together at all times for the run.


  • 2 nights – Friday and Saturday night. If you want to stay extra nights, please obtain your permit from the reserve office and upon arrival on Friday or Saturday morning.
  • You need to supply your own tent and bedding.
  • Bring a head torch with fresh batteries.
  • There are 10 camp sites with 6pax per site – if there are only 2 of you, you will need to share your site with up to 4 other runners – please be considerate and allow this without issues.
  • Caravans are not allowed.
  • Campervans are only allowed if there are 6 of you to occupy a camp site.
  • There is a communal braai/fire place area and individual fires are not allowed.
  • There is a hot water/donkey system for showering etc. and with enough capacity for all – only reserve staff can operate\add wood in this hearth.
  • The fire used to warm the hot water is only for this task and not for braai or socialising around.
  • There will be 2 separate fires in respective pits inside the boma\lapa area for socialising and own braai on Friday night.
  • No Wi-Fi or cellular reception at the venue.
  • No music allowed.

Bush hut:

  • Sleeps 40pax
  • These are in 3 different rooms with mattresses supplied. Bring own bedding. These are generally used by groups of friends of members from the same club/per room.
  • Bring a head torch with fresh batteries.
  • There is a solar light in each room.
  • No wifi or cellular reception at the venue.


  • 33km – R1950.00 per person. Camping [2 nights] at Groot Tuin and incl catering.
  • 33km – R1520.00 per person if you source your own accommodation. Catering still included at Groot Tuin.
  • 15km – R1490.00 per person. Staying at Groot Tuin and incl catering.
  • 15km – R1280.00 per person if you source your own accommodation. Catering still included at Groot Tuin.

Run Start times: [These times are provisional and may change slightly on the morning]

  • 33km – 07h15
  • 15km trail run – 07h30

START/FINISH: Oorlogskloof Nature Reserve – Groot Tuin Camp


  • Runners must be self-sufficient and carry enough water and foodto sustain them for the entire route. We will point out at [on a info board at the event] what distances on the run you will find mountain/stream/fountain water
    • Fully charged cell phone
    • Mini first aid kit– You must be able to cover ankle twist/sprains/torn ligaments/head injuries/bruises/cuts/insect and spider bites/abrasions etc.
    • Emergency blanket/space blanket
    • 100% water proof” rain jacket with hood and long sleeves. Regardless of the weather.
    • Head torch for the 33km route.
    • Long sleeve base layer. If it is cold weather bring/take a “fleece top”
    • Runners must have a policy in place that will cover them in case of evacuation by air from the mountain to hospital etc. The area is remote and inaccessible by vehicle.
    • If you have any adverse health condition, do not run! This is especially people with high blood pressure, heart conditions, lung conditions, flu, etc. If you’re a diabetic, asthma sufferer, allergic to bee stings etc. – ensure you take your required medication along. Also relevant for people allergic to various bites, stings etc. – carry anti histamine tablets for this.
    • Carry a card with all your medical details on it such as Doctor’s telephone number, Medical insurance number, emergency telephone number and contact name, blood group, any allergies etc. This must be inside a sealed Ziploc bag and on your person.
    • Each person must save this cell number on their phone – 082 658 3078 [Uge] for “emergency” use only. Reception is poor though!
    • No short cuts and no littering – please pick up if you see any.

Drinking water can be obtained from the Oorlogskloof River, springs and seasonal water in rock pools/spring on the mountain. We will brief you beforehand re the water availability.


For new entrants only. Entry fees will only be refunded if a medical certificate for illness or injury can be provided which prohibits partaking in any event on this weekend. This is valid until the 20 April, thereafter the cost of catering, caps and reserve permits will be deducted from the refundable fee and an admin cost of R120.00

In this case, you may also use your credit for any of our other runs in 2022 – valid for one year only – or you can transfer your entry to another runners [it is up to you to find a replacement] Substitutes are processed until and including 22 April 2022

Substitutions :  An admin fee of R120.00 will be charged for substitutions and any other admin changes.

Alternative accommodation:

Nieuwoudtville is 340km from Cape Town and it has numerous alternative accommodation options.


Nieuwoudtville is 349km from Cape Town.

Directions to GROOT TUIN from Nieuwoudtville – Drive West after leaving town on the R27 for 6km. There is a sign board for Oorlogskloof Nature Reserve.
31°22’17.13″S and 19° 2’27.73″E

Stay on the dirt road for another 10km. You will go through a few gates to get here – Groot Tuin. 31°26’38.07″S and 19° 4’13.68″E


  • De Lande & Papkuilsfontein 0272181246 info@papkuilsfontein.com B&B&D/SC
  • Elandsvoetpad 0836456446 elandsvoetpad@hantam.co.za SC
  • Gannabos 0272181249 0871508101 gannabos@hantam.co.za B&B/SC
  • Swissvilla 0272181347 0729517064 info@swissvilla.co.za B&B/SC
  • Brandkop 0272181254 0836353147 brandkop@hantam.co.za SC
  • Cloudskraal 0272181363 0731665972 francesnel@hotmail.com SC
  • Die 1897 Nedersetting 0272181897 0824967875 nedersetting@hantam.co.za B&B&D
  • Groenrivier 0272181265 0836669905 groenrivier@kingsley.co.za SC
  • Hantamsdrift 0274822807 namapip@netactive.co.za SC
  • Kliprivier & Kraaifontein 0272181204 0825343922 kliprivier@kingsley.co.za B&B/SC
  • Rooidakhuis 0272181897 0824967875 nedersetting@hantam.co.za B&B&D
  • Uncle Tony’s Cabin 0836098448 julesvs@telkomsa.net SC
  • Vinknes 0272181289 vinknes@hantam.co.za SC
  • A La Belle Etoile 0272181274 0843619982 louise.etoile@gmail.com B&B
  • Boereplaas B&B 0272181024 0827847449 boereplaasbb@hotmail.com B&B
  • Elmarie’s self-catering flats 0272181226 0832347503 marius@hantam.co.za SC
  • Grasberg Gasteplaas 0272181228 0837722918 grasberg@hantam.co.za SC
  • Kromvlei 0272181379 0832385658 amhantam@gmail.com SC
  • Willemsrivier 0272181000 0834505939 erikakotze@mweb.co.za SC
  • Kokerboom cottages 0272181405 0836931007 gill.norm@gmail.com SC
  • Matjiesfontein Guest farm/padstal 0272181217 0828132805 SC
  • Sonweelde 0272181338 0839482669 B&B
  • Bokmakierie 0781619369 margie.tromp@gmail.com SC
  • Mi Cassa 0824190927 0832678015 d ebbie.d6004@gmail.com SC
  • Garsland Plaashuis 0835772035 alicianel@hantam.co.za SC
  • Debbie’s Self-catering 0837291501 debbiesmittie2@gmail.com SC
  • Groenrivier Campsite 0836669905 groenrivier@kingsley.co.za Campsite
  • Matjiesfontein Campsite 0272181217 0828132805 Campsite
  • Papkuilsfontein Campsite 0272181246 info@papkuilsfontein.com Campsite
  • Olive Caravan park 0272181535 info@nieuwoudtville.co.za Campsite

Die Waenhuis 0270500457 papkuilsfontein2@hantam.co.za

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